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sand and powder seperator

sand and powder seperator

Tarzan is focus on the sand making system and stone crushing system for decades of years.whose business cover stone crusher,sand making machine .... the sand and powder classifier is the good we dedicate to design for our sand making system which was used for seperate the powder for the sand to the national standard.
The function of the sand and powder seperator is used to separate 0-7mm sized particles by utilizing gravity and air flow directional control.These devices use gravity, inertia, centrifugal force and air power to sort materials between 0-7mm. Particle laden air is fed down into the top of the classifier, the air then changes direction by 130 degrees, at this point fine particles are separated. The weight of the particles causes some of them to drop to the bottom of the Classifier where they then exit through a valve. Secondary air is forced through the falling particles at a rate causing separation of nominated particle sizes and directing the particles into the vortex of the central chamber, where they are extracted from the vortex and captured by a dust collector unit.The volume and rate of the secondary air is controlled by a simple manually adjusted valve. This control allows adjustment to vary the classification size of the particles being processed.Within no moving parts, and the use of abrasion resistant material in particular areas, these machines offer a long service life requiring very little maintenance.


1.Sand and powder seperator features 4 adjustable parts which control the process of separation of the material by, utilizing 2 stages of ventilation control, as well as air flow control to efficiently extract the finished products.
2.This sand and powder seperator offers operating saving benefits over previous models, in that it does not have motors, and relies on air flow from the dust removal unit.
3.,sand and powder classifier has simple structure, there are very few material contact parts, therefore abrasion is minimal and maintenance costs are low.
4.No moving parts、Wear resistant steel plate in wear areas、Reduce setting basin weight or cancel setting basin

Parameter-sand and powder seperator:


Feeding size

Max.feed size (mm)